Tom gets asked all the time: why should someone go with him, instead of a large law firm?

The answer is that large law firms oftentimes have palatial offices and marketing budgets that require charging clients an absurd amount, even to work with their most inexperienced attorneys, just to keep the lights on.

When Tom was with one of those firms, his hourly rate was close to $600 an hour and heading upwards. Today, Tom’s small-scale operations allow him to charge lower fees, despite his 35-years of experience and wide network of associates.

The truth is: odds are you don’t need the resources of a large law firm. What you need is an experienced attorney. In fact, the single most important consideration you should have when retaining counsel for any legal problem, and especially for litigation or chapter 11 reorganization proceedings, is your attorney’s experience. The judgment and knowledge that comes from years of experience in the subject legal area and in the forum, leads to better predictions of anticipated results, more efficiency in the process, and better advice on settlement and trial. Don’t be fooled by the dog and pony show. Experience is what matters.


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